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Alberto Sperindio

Graduated in Oriental Languages and Civilisations at the University of Naples L’Orientale, Alberto Sperindio has fostered his passion about China and Asia for ten years to come. He is constantly looking for to translate this passion in a mission: telling stories about China and Asia, making them available to everyone in the most rightful way, through the eyes of those who love them. A passion that He shares with his life’s partner.

He cultivates many more interests. Photography is one of the most loved and throughout a decade He has been able to develop strong technical and artistic skills in this field. Besides this, or linked to it, Journalism has always been a necessity for him, having nurtured this interest from the legendary journalists that have been traveling around Asia in the recent past.

Chinese literature and Chinese contemporary theatre are more then his specializing fields of studies: they are indissoluble part of him.

On the brink to leave Naples for Xi’an, He has opened this blog to start narrating his experiences in Asia, the first step of thousands’ more, which will hopefully take him  wherever the heart of Asia still beats soundly. A blog that will serve as a mirror of his consciousness and of the soul of China.

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