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China Unsustainable

da | Mag 9, 2017 | 0 commenti

China is never easy.

I’ve learned it on my skin, living everyday along and among them, and my total impression is not quite good. After relatively few months, my feelings still suggest me that the actual Chinese way of life is not sustainable.

Many words have been written down, spoken out about the unsustainability of China’s economy and its lack of democracy. However, in my opinion the economical and political factors come well below the socio-cultural one.
Tightly bounded to their job, the Chinese I have watched till now experience quite few moments far from it, and it sounds absurd in a society where the government wants to make the cultural industry a pillar of its economy.

True, I’m watching through a western lens, but if not that, what? Would I be able to ever watch using a neutral eye? Maybe, yet the feeling is strong to not be embraced or analysed.

Chinese are not to be blamed though. I would say their own attachment to the work seems deeply rooted in their own culture. Obviously, they work hard in order to get rich, rapidly possibly. And they study mainly for the same reason.

Fastness, quickness, tirelessness, unsustainable key words of contemporary China, that soon or after will cause Chinese to blow up their mind or to suddenly bump against the short nature of time.

China is also the land of slowness and of the not environment-friendly bureaucracy. If on one side there is a population working at unsustainable levels, on the other side there is a bureaucracy class among slowest on Earth. The rate of paper consumption for almost everything is about 3 to up to 5 papers, full of marks and signatures, most time useless.
I happen to find empty offices or or free desks sometime, but its months that I have realised the reason: just giving up waiting. Not that Chinese are not good at waiting, in fact, armed with their smartphone, they pass many hours weekly just waiting for something, but sometimes the challenge is simply too tough.

These are just some impression, but I would really like a more relaxed China. In their crazy rush towards economic development and towards richness, Chinese are losing what still remain of Chineseness, that’s something quite different than rice, ducks and flying dragons.

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